What our parents say...

My son Max attended Next Generation Childcare from the age of 6 months until he left for school at the age of 5. Maree and the team are such great people, that are down to earth and create strong bonds with the children. They create fun times for the kids and take on anything new that the child may be interested in. And in my son's case, that was Pirate Day! Everybody got involved and dressed for the ocassion. It was great to see that they could create new and exciting days for the children depending on what was the flavour of the day for each individual child.

I highly recommend Next Generation Childcare to any parent that wants their child growing up in friendly, caring environment with teachers who really care. Top Marks!!

Regards, Alastair Wilson 

Dear Teachers and staff

Elora is my beautiful granddaughter and she turns 5 today.

As a stay-at-home mum for my children I was concerned about Elora being with "strangers" all day at childcare, while her parents studied. How wrong I was! Elora has her own extended loving family, and you have given her more stability with a familiar caring environment, where she has thrived.

I just want to thank you for the wonderful care, love and education you have shared with Elora over the past 4 years.

Regards, Jenny Bowen (Nana Jen)

Next Generation Emails

This service from Next Generation is fantastic! It is wonderful to receive emails on the progress my son is making at Next Generation – there have been a few occasions where my day has been really hectic, and I have received an email showing what the centre is up to. Not only do I feel the quality of care is 5-star, but I feel I can interact with him at home on what he did that day and hear about his learning and knowledge from him. He has a particular interest in the digital microscope and camera that the centre provides, and all things technical at home (he knows exactly how to use an iPhone, and looks after all 3 remote controls: TV, DVD & Sky). He loves seeing pictures of himself on the computer when we go into the blog together, and has become very articulate when explaining experiments that are conducted at daycare, and puts on little ‘shows’ to explain that he learnt how to skip, jump, run etc. All of these aspects + more have make life as a parent easy and a lot more interactive.

In our household we are BIG on communication, the oral skills that my son has learnt means he has advanced communication skills and, an intense technical focus which is wholly due to the experience of the teachers and use of today’s technology to educate and care for our child.